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This 0.220" diameter fastener requires less torque to install than comparable fasteners, making it easier to drive, and the corrosion-resistant coating makes it suitable for many interior or exterior applications.

Bold thread design provides superior holding power
Patented 4CUT™ tip ensures fast starts, reduces installation torque and eliminates the need for pre-drilling in most applications
Knurled shank section above the threads makes driving easier
Under-head nibs offer greater installer control when seating the head
Large head provides maximum bearing area
Double-barrier coating provides corrosion resistance equivalent to hot-dip galvanization, making it suitable for many exterior and preservative-treated wood applications
Available in lengths up to 10" for maximum versatility
Bit included in package

SDWS screws install best with a low-speed 1/2" drill and a T-40 6-lobe bit. The matched bit included with the screws is recommended for best results.


  • Double Barrier Coating — Suitable for interior, treated timber and external applications.


Designed to be versatile the SDWS is recognised as a solution for engineered wood connections, and is backed by testing and load data. Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Outdoor Structures
  • Deck Frames and Ledgers
  • Landscaping
  • Structural Timber Framing — It replaces strapping, which means, no interference with wall cladding.

Features and Benefits

  • 6-lobe T-40 drive eliminates cam‑outs, for easier installations and longer bit life — bit(s) included.
  • Head stamped for easy identification of length and diameter, for building certification.
  • Large washer-head provides superior clamping, while nibs offer greater control for the installer when seating the head.
  • Bold thread design provides superior holding power, even into the end grain of timber.
  • Patented SawTooth point for faster starts, less torque and no pre-drilling.

Product and Packaging Information

ModelLength (mm)
Bulk PackQty50 PackScrewThread

Bit(s) included with every pack. Replacement Bit: BIT40T-134-RC3

Serious Screws for Structural Applications

Load Tables

Table 1. Strong-Drive® SDWS Timber Screw Specifications

  1. For the purpose of measuring overall length, fasteners shall be measured from the underside of the head to bottom of the point.
  2. Length of thread includes the point.
  3. Bending yield strength determined following ASTM F1575 and based on minor thread diameter.
  4. Characteristic yield moment determined following EU14358 and based on minor thread diameter.
  5. Tension and shear properties are based on 0.5 of the average maximum load for screws tested in tension and shear, respectively. Shear strength is shear through the threads.

Table 2. Australian Limit States-Reference Characteristic Lateral Load Values (N) for Timber-to-Timber Connections with SDWS Timber Screws1,2,3,4,5

  1. Conditions without numbers in the matrix shall not be used.
  2. The main and side members shall have a minimum density of 530 kg/m3 for JD4, 450 kg/m3 for JD5 or 400 kg/m3 for JD6.
  3. The tabulated characteristic shear loads and withdrawal are for normal duration of load.
  4. Screws shall be installed straight into the side grain of the wood main member with the screw axis at a 90-degree angle to the wood fibres.
  5. Minimum fastener penetration shall be equal to the screw length less the thickness of the wood side member.
  6. Tabulated characteristic values for withdrawal are in N/mm of thread length into the main member.
  7. Withdrawal to end grain values are based on the lesser value of withdrawal from the main member or the characteristic pull-through of the screw through a 35 mm thick side member of the same Joint Group, or tensile strength of the screw.

Strong‑Drive® SDWS Timber Spacing Requirements

Ledger Plate Shear Capacity


Bearer-to-Post Tie Down

  1. Refer to AS1684.2 or AS1684.3 Table 9.16 for typical comparison Tie-Down Connections.

Roof Batten-to-Rafter/Truss

  1. Refer to AS1684.2 or AS1684.3 Table 9.25 for typical comparison Tie-Down Connections.

Wall Plate-to-Stud Tie Down

  1. Refer to AS1684.2 or AS1684.3 Table 9.19 for typical comparison Tie-Down Connections.

Bottom Plate-to-Joist Tie Down

  1. Refer to AS1684.2 or AS1684.3 Table 9.18 for typical comparison Tie-Down Connections.
  2. Uplift capacity allows for 19 mm flooring under bottom plate.

Generic Footnote: For Australia, the Capacity Factor (φ) is 0.85 for nails and screws for structural joints in a Category 1 application. Reduce tabulated values where other Category applications govern.

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